Adjust Your Skincare Routine For Fall


Whether you love or hate the summer heat, the fact is that fall is right around the corner and the weather is about to get chillier; and even though this may not seem like a big thing when it comes to our beauty routine, it is, because the lighter products we used during the summertime are not the most appropriate come September. That’s why here we have some simple ways to adjust your skincare routine for the fall:

Get more moisture: The first thing you need to do is change your moisturizer, during the summer months we tend to go for lighter formulas in moisturizer to focus on sunscreen; but as you probably know the colder wind tends to dry out the skin so opt for a more hydrating, richer moisturizer in order to prevent any dryness.

And if you’re thinking “I’ve got oily skin so this doesn’t apply to me” then think again, because when you don’t moisturize your oily complexion it only tells your skin that it needs to produce even more oil!

Exfoliate: Keeping on the topic of dry skin, it’s important to regularly exfoliate your skin in order to get rid of any dry or flaky patches. Look for oil based products like sugar scrubs so you don’t skip out on the moisture while your exfoliating your skin.

Creamy body wash: Adding a creamy body wash to your shower routine is an easy way to keep your skin moisturized during the fall time, this is a product you might have never use or maybe you are typically more inclined to a gel, either way this is a fuss-free fix to your dry skin woes.

Creamy cleanser: Washing your face is always a must and because we do it so often it’s important to use a product that’s going to get rid of all the dirt and unwanted oils without stripping away all the moisture from our skin, so find a creamier cleanser or face wash that’s going to help lock in that moisture.

Now, we’ve seen what we have to change but here’s a little bonus tip on what to keep doing and that is without a doubt:

Use sunscreen: Even though Fall means that you need to adjust your skincare routine, don’t neglect all your summer essentials. You may not be laying out at the beach any more but it doesn’t mean that the sun is not there. Keep using a light SPF to protect your skin from getting sun damage!

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