Our Top 5: The Hottest Skincare Trends of 2020 to Keep Your Eye On.

Don’t Miss Out on These Top Skincare Trends for 2020

As estheticians, we all get exceptionally excited about the new year for a very important reason—new and improved skincare trends, studies, and fads that we get to analyze, critique, and possibly adapt for our own clients. New year, new skincare fads, right? 

With 2020 comes an entirely new span of must-know skincare trends that are hotter than hot—but do any of them appeal to you? While we couldn’t possibly cover them all (surely as an esthetician, you know how many skincare trends are popping up every single day), we wanted to make sure we talked briefly about a few of the need-to-know skincare trends we believe you should keep a close eye on this year.

 So, without further ado, we present to you the 2020 skincare trends you can’t miss out on! Love them, hate them, critique them, or implement them, no matter how you feel about them, we ask that you take note and study up on whether or not you think they’ll be an important part of your plan this year for your clients’ skincare routines! 

The Top 5 Skincare Trends You Can Expect for 2020

CBD Oil for All

CBD is such a huge trend in industries spanning every single market—but especially in the skincare/ esthetician world.

You probably can’t go a single day without spotting a new CBD oil product in someone’s skincare line. And you’re probably asking yourself, “sure, it’s popular, but is it even worth it?” Oh yes, absolutely. CBD oil is essentially everything this year, and with benefits like anti-inflammatory properties (which is hugely helpful for acne), being packed with antioxidants (hello, anti-aging properties), and calming effects for sensitive skin, it’s likely a product your clients could certainly benefit from this year.

Skincare Gets Techy

Technology has been steadily creeping into our world for the last few years and 2020 is no different.

Anticipate lots of skincare apps that help guide your clients through customized skincare routines (you might want to think about developing your own, actually), 3D printed facemasks, and other creative, techy solutions for skincare.

All Hail Hyaluronic Acid

We think that hyaluronic acid should be the 2020 trend, the 2021 trend, the 2022 trend (and so on and so forth) for-absolutely-ever.

Why? Because it’s such an amazing addition to anyone and everyone’s skincare routine. If you don’t know much about hyaluronic acid, that’s okay—we’ve got an entire blog post dedicated to its benefits, its breakdown, and why you should implement it into your clients’ routines. This amazing little acid (which already exists in your body, by the way) can retain about 1,000 times its weight in water within the cells of your skin—which means that you can truly, truly hydrate your complexion and your clients’ complexions by implementing this into your regiment.

Can’t-Stop-Won’t-Stop Moisturizing

Okay, fine, you caught us—this isn’t a new trend for 2020.

But if you’re not facing your 2020 with a highly moisturized and finely hydrated face and telling your clients to do the same, then what are you even doing? Forgive us for throwing this one in, we just can’t let an opportunity pass us by to share the gospel of good daily moisturizing routine. Make sure you pick a quality moisturizer, too!

A More Poignant Plan to Combat Pollution

The world is already working hard to get everyone on board with their go-green, anti-pollution, protect the earth agenda—and with that on everyone’s minds, it’s no wonder the thought of pollution and how it affects skincare is going to be a poignant discussion in 2020. This year, you should expect lots of unique, personalized plans for skincare that help to combat the everyday pollution we’re all dealing with.

If it’s time to make good on some of those skincare resolutions or you’re hankering to keep up to date on the latest, greatest, and best skincare products out there, check out Spa De Soleil for a variety of skincare products. At Spa De Soleil, we’re proud to be your one-stop-shop for your skincare needs—because as an esthetician, it’s not just your complexion on the line, it’s your clients’, too! Help them create the beautiful skin they’ve always dreamed of with Spa De Soleil’s private line of skincare products carefully crafted with estheticians (like you) in mind.


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