Spa De Soleil’s EZ Run Private Label Program

As an industry leader in private label cosmetic services, we strive to give our clients a variety of options that will provide them with the best opportunity at advancing their dreams of owning a cosmetic line of their own! We have worked hard at designing a number of programs that can serve small businesses who are trying to get their foot in the door, as well as large corporations who are interested in adding another product line to their already impressive portfolio. As a small business, we fully understand the necessity for flexible, comprehensive, structured options; this is what prompted us to start the EZ RUN program.

The EZ RUN Private Label service is a quick and effective way for customers to create and customize their own skincare line, helping give them a solid foundation and jump start on developing their own brand. We offer over 100 in-house formulations, including a full USDA Certified Organic line; we also provide organic certification services to companies who may be in need. All-in-all, the EZ RUN process is very simple and straight-forward. First, the client is to choose the products they would like included in their skincare line from our pre-formulated in-house products. This option cuts out the formulation process entirely. Secondly, the client is to choose the packaging that best suits their dream skincare line. We offer a range of packaging; white, clear and amber bottles, jars, pumps and other specialized mechanisms. And lastly, the client is to send in either their artwork to be printed by our in-house graphic design team, or sticker labels for application.
The EZ RUN program requires a minimum of 500 pieces. It is a great way to get your skincare line off the ground, whether it is for a trial run, or for a grand-opening. Here at Spa De Soleil, we know the importance of handling dreams with care, so it is our mission to bring as many peoples’ dreams to life as we can!

For information on our EZ RUN program, go to our website and sign up for an account today! One of our helpful project managers will reach out to help bring your dreams to fruition!

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