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Eye & Lip Treatments

  1. Eye Concentrate Cream helper('astrabootstrapsettings')->getLabel($_product); ?>

    Eye Concentrate Cream


    Treat tired eyes with the most nourishing and balancing blend of natural ingredients. Eye Concentrate will help promote skin moisture while minimizing dryness and helping to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

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  2. Lifting Eye Gel helper('astrabootstrapsettings')->getLabel($_product); ?>

    Lifting Eye Gel


    Beautifully enriched with elastin, hyaluronic acid, essential oils & plant extracts to help nourish and plump the eye area. Especially effective on swollen, sagging, and tired skin.

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  3. Men's Under Eye Cream helper('astrabootstrapsettings')->getLabel($_product); ?>

    Men's Under Eye Cream


    Men's Under Eye Cream soothes tired eyes and eliminates dark under-eye circles and premature aging by promoting the skin's natural moisture and smoothing fine lines. Eyes appear brighter and more alive.

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  4. Sugar Lip Scrub helper('astrabootstrapsettings')->getLabel($_product); ?>

    Sugar Lip Scrub


    Keep lips deliciously smooth with Sugar Lip Scrub. Gently exfoliates dead skin while moisturizing and softening lips.

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  5. Instant Lip Plumper helper('astrabootstrapsettings')->getLabel($_product); ?>

    Instant Lip Plumper


    Instantly plump up those lips for a full, pouty, and luscious look. Hydrates, conditions, and softens while plumping. Pucker up!

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  6. Coconut Lip Balm helper('astrabootstrapsettings')->getLabel($_product); ?>

    Coconut Lip Balm


    Helps soothe cracked lips. Retains moisture, keeping lips soft.

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  7. Arabica Coffee Lip Scrub helper('astrabootstrapsettings')->getLabel($_product); ?>

    Arabica Coffee Lip Scrub


    Reveal smooth, soft, and luscious lips with this nutrient-rich lip scrub. Arabica Coffee Seeds get rid of dry, flaky skin and improve circulation for the perfect pout.

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