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  1. C' Lift Serum Antioxidant helper('astrabootstrapsettings')->getLabel($_product); ?>

    C' Lift Serum Antioxidant


    C'Lift Serum Antioxidant is rich in Collagen, Elastin, Vitamin C, Essential Oils and Nutrients to help increase the skin's elasticity. Helps to reduce the appearance of wrinkles and deep lines, for a firmer, more youthful appearance.

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  2. Wrinkle Firming Cream helper('astrabootstrapsettings')->getLabel($_product); ?>

    Wrinkle Firming Cream


    Wrinkle Firming is formulated to help the skin restore its natural moisture, improve elasticity and assist in deep protein penetration. When used daily, skin will look and feel young and firm.

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  3. Pure Argan Oil helper('astrabootstrapsettings')->getLabel($_product); ?>

    Pure Argan Oil


    Pure Argan Oil is a natural skin enhancer that hydrates, tones, and gently exfoliates the skin. Nourishes and conditions skin and hair.

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  4. Charcoal Masque helper('astrabootstrapsettings')->getLabel($_product); ?>

    Charcoal Masque


    Purifying power of charcoal. Draws out impurities. Helps combat blemishes and breakouts. Unclogs deep pores. Absorbs environmental toxins. Skin feels smooth and refreshed. Reveals skin's natural glow.

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  5. Charcoal Cleanser helper('astrabootstrapsettings')->getLabel($_product); ?>

    Charcoal Cleanser


    Charcoal Cleanser utilizes the purifying power of charcoal to provide a cleansing detox for skin. It works to remove dirt and impurities, helps skin to breathe, and helps prevent future breakouts. Skin will feel smooth, cleansed, and refreshed.

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  6. Volcanic Mud Masque helper('astrabootstrapsettings')->getLabel($_product); ?>

    Volcanic Mud Masque


    Volcanic Mud is a unique formula designed to regenerate your skin with powerful exfoliants and with essential minerals, vitamins and botanical extracts that maximize skin nourishment while giving your skin the natural moisture it needs.

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  7. Probiotic Facial Mist helper('astrabootstrapsettings')->getLabel($_product); ?>

    Probiotic Facial Mist


    Probiotic Facial Mist is a liquid boost of antioxidants and essential vitamins with each spray. Organic extracts and nourishing probiotics lock in moisture and calm the skin from daily stressors. Supercharge dry and thirsty skin with this hydrating and refreshing mist.

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  8. Probiotic Micellar Water helper('astrabootstrapsettings')->getLabel($_product); ?>

    Probiotic Micellar Water


    Probiotic Micellar Water thoroughly cleanses the skin as tiny micelles remove dirt, makeup, and impurities. Enhanced with probiotics to lock in moisture and rejuvenate the skin, this nourishing formula leaves skin feeling clean and refreshed.

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  9. Eye Concentrate Cream helper('astrabootstrapsettings')->getLabel($_product); ?>

    Eye Concentrate Cream


    Treat tired eyes with the most nourishing and balancing blend of natural ingredients. Eye Concentrate will help promote skin moisture while minimizing dryness and helping to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

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  10. Lifting Eye Gel helper('astrabootstrapsettings')->getLabel($_product); ?>

    Lifting Eye Gel


    Beautifully enriched with elastin, hyaluronic acid, essential oils & plant extracts to help nourish and plump the eye area. Especially effective on swollen, sagging, and tired skin.

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  11. Coconut Facial Mist helper('astrabootstrapsettings')->getLabel($_product); ?>

    Coconut Facial Mist


    Coconut Facial Mist provides a boost of hydration for skin that needs a quick pick-me-up. This light mist gives skin just the right dose of Aloe and Vitamin C to help relieve dry and fatigued skin. Coconut replenishes skin with anti-aging nutrients for a more youthful and supple feel. The powerful combination of vitamins and extracts work to lift and tone, for skin that is balanced, moisturized, and refreshed.

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  12. Gentle Scrub (Dry & Sensitive) helper('astrabootstrapsettings')->getLabel($_product); ?>

    Gentle Scrub (Dry & Sensitive)


    Gentle Scrub provides a sensitive, yet deep exfoliation for dry and irritated skin. Apple Stem Cells and Japanese Green Tea Extract work to soothe skin, while the scrub cleanses and nourishes for a soothed and rejuvenated feel. pH balanced.

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  13. Active Scrub (Combo to Oily) helper('astrabootstrapsettings')->getLabel($_product); ?>

    Active Scrub (Combo to Oily)


    This Active Scrub is specially formulated to treat oily, combination and problematic skin with a deep exfoliation. Sweet Almond and Walnut Shell help to reveal a smooth layer of skin, while decongesting pores and removing impurities. Aloe Juice, Apple, & Apricot Extracts help to promote a clean, fresh, and toned look. pH balanced.

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  14. Aroma Scrub helper('astrabootstrapsettings')->getLabel($_product); ?>

    Aroma Scrub


    Aroma Scrub contains natural exfoliants and botanical extracts exclusively blended with pure Lavandula Angustifolia (Lavender) Oil, Citrus Medica Limonum (Lemon) Oil, Cananga Odorata (Ylang Ylang) Oil. The result is a gentle, yet maximizing, skin exfoliant.

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  15. Enzyme Scrub helper('astrabootstrapsettings')->getLabel($_product); ?>

    Enzyme Scrub


    Enzyme Scrub is rich with potent Papaya Enzymes to exfoliate dead and damaged skin, revealing new, healthy cells. Infused with Vitamin E & C, Aloe, and Papaya Fruit Extract to promote smooth and glowing skin. pH balanced.

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  16. Active Toner (Oily Skin) helper('astrabootstrapsettings')->getLabel($_product); ?>

    Active Toner (Oily Skin)


    Active Toner is formulated to complete the cleansing process for combination-to-oily skin. Utilizing Pineapple Fruit Extract, this toner helps remove dead cells and nourish underlying skin. Enriched with certified organic Witch Hazel and Tea Tree extract, this formula helps to diminish the appearance of breakouts, regulate oil production, and balance pH, promoting healthy and hydrated skin.

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  17. Hydrating Toner (Dry Skin) helper('astrabootstrapsettings')->getLabel($_product); ?>

    Hydrating Toner (Dry Skin)


    Hydrating Toner completes the skin-cleansing process as it nourishes and tones the skin with Vitamins A, C, and E. Enriched with certified organic Rosemary and Apricot, to calm the skin and lock in moisture for a healthy glow.

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  18. Gentle Toner (Sensitive Skin) helper('astrabootstrapsettings')->getLabel($_product); ?>

    Gentle Toner (Sensitive Skin)


    Gentle Toner is specially designed for sensitive or easily irritated skin. This gentle and effective formulation is enriched with Apple fruit stem cell extract to refine, tone, and condition the skin. Further enriched with Hops, Lavender, and Cucumber extract to nourish the skin and complete the cleansing process.

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  19. Glyco Toner helper('astrabootstrapsettings')->getLabel($_product); ?>

    Glyco Toner


    Glyco Toner is designed to tone and refine mature skin as it completes the skin-cleansing process. Enriched with Glycolic Acid, which is known to remove dead skin, soften the appearance of fine lines, and help diminish signs of aging. Rich in antioxidants and certified organic fruit extracts, this toner leaves skin feeling clean and rejuvenated.

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  20. AHA Fruit Toner helper('astrabootstrapsettings')->getLabel($_product); ?>

    AHA Fruit Toner


    AHA Fruit Toner is specially formulated to complete the cleansing process for all skin types. Enriched with Alpha Hydroxy Acids, this toner helps to refine, brighten, and balance the skin. Fortified with organic Lemon peel extract to gently exfoliate and soften the skin. Sun alert: Limiting sun exposure, wearing protective clothing, and using sunscreens may reduce the risks of skin aging, skin cancer, and other harmful effects of the sun.

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  21. C+ Clarifying Toner helper('astrabootstrapsettings')->getLabel($_product); ?>

    C+ Clarifying Toner


    C+ Clarifying Toner is an active and powerful formulation designed to achieve maximum skin purification while maintaining natural moisture and a balanced pH. Antioxidants from Vitamin C revitalize the skin and help combat free radicals and diminish signs of damage from sun exposure. Squalane hydrates and softens the skin, while helping to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

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  22. Green Tea Toner helper('astrabootstrapsettings')->getLabel($_product); ?>

    Green Tea Toner


    Green Tea Toner is formulated with antioxidant-rich Japanese Green Tea, which is known to help tone, smooth, and soften the skin, while fighting environmental stress. This formula is designed for all skin types, especially for peel or laser-treated skin. For day and night use.

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  23. Aloe Vera Toner helper('astrabootstrapsettings')->getLabel($_product); ?>

    Aloe Vera Toner


    Aloe Vera Toner is specially formulated to clear away any remaining impurities for the most sensitive skin types. The benefits of Aloe Vera help to battle free radicals, sun damage, and environmental stress. Infused with certified organic Cucumber and Chamomile extracts to further refresh and hydrate the skin for a healthy glow.

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  24. Sweet Gel Cleanser (Sensitive) helper('astrabootstrapsettings')->getLabel($_product); ?>

    Sweet Gel Cleanser (Sensitive)


    Sweet Gel Cleanser for Sensitive Skin is a strong, yet gentle formulation specially designed to cleanse, cool, and refresh the skin. Utilizing the benefits of Apple Extract, Witch Hazel, and a blend of vitamins, this Sweet Gel cleanser helps to protect against environmental stress, decongest pores, and maintain skin's natural moisture for a hydrated and healthy feel.

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  25. Sweet Gel Cleanser (Combo) helper('astrabootstrapsettings')->getLabel($_product); ?>

    Sweet Gel Cleanser (Combo)


    Sweet Gel Cleanser for Combination Skin is designed to cleanse oily and blemish-prone skin. This formulation is pH balanced and helps wash away impurities without stripping the skin of its natural moisture. Formulated with Lactic Acid, Witch Hazel, and Apple Fruit Stem Cells to help regulate oil production, diminish the appearance of blemishes, and maintain a glowing, youthful look.

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  26. Sweet Gel Cleanser (Antibacterial) helper('astrabootstrapsettings')->getLabel($_product); ?>

    Sweet Gel Cleanser (Antibacterial)


    Antibacterial Sweet Gel Cleanser removes skin impurities and excess oil while combating blemish-causing bacteria. Specially formulated with salicylic acid, this effective yet gentle cleanser helps diminish existing breakouts and helps to prevent flare-ups. Certified organic Chamomile, Apple, and Cucumber Extracts keep skin calm, hydrated, and cleansed for a refreshed and clear complexion.

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  27. Glycolic Gel Cleanser helper('astrabootstrapsettings')->getLabel($_product); ?>

    Glycolic Gel Cleanser


    Glyco Gel Cleanser is specially designed to nourish and cleanse mature skin. It works to effectively wash away makeup residue and impurities, while helping to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Its powerful cleansing properties can be applied to both face and body as it rejuvenates and replenishes the skin for a natural glow and a smooth feel. Enhanced with Oat Kernel extract for added hydration.

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  28. C+ Purifying Cleanser helper('astrabootstrapsettings')->getLabel($_product); ?>

    C+ Purifying Cleanser


    C+ Purifying Gel Cleanser is fortified with Vitamin C, which is known to help neutralize free radicals, protect against environmental stress, and combat signs of aging. Further enhanced with Vitamins A and E and certified organic extracts, this luxurious cleanser works to achieve maximum skin purification, while maintaining natural moisture and balance.

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  29. Green Tea Cleanser helper('astrabootstrapsettings')->getLabel($_product); ?>

    Green Tea Cleanser


    Green Tea Gel Cleanser gently, but thoroughly, removes impurities and cleanses the skin as antioxidant-rich Green Tea locks in natural moisture, balances pH, and rejuvenates the skin. This formula is specially designed to maintain a healthy look and feel for sensitive and delicate skin.

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  30. Cool Toner helper('astrabootstrapsettings')->getLabel($_product); ?>
  31. Watermelon and Vitamin C Masque helper('astrabootstrapsettings')->getLabel($_product); ?>

    Watermelon and Vitamin C Masque


    Watermelon and Vitamin C Masque is packed with nourishing vitamins that help tone, hydrate, and balance the skin. Juicy, sweet and refreshing watermelon is rich with vitamins A, C, and B6. These nutrients help tone the skin, diminish signs of aging, and combat free radicals. Vitamin C gives skin an extra boost for a lifted, brighter look. Keep skin healthy, and hydrated with Watermelon and Vitamin C Masque.

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  32. Papaya and Coconut Masque helper('astrabootstrapsettings')->getLabel($_product); ?>

    Papaya and Coconut Masque


    Papaya and Coconut Masque is bursting with essential nutrients to keep skin healthy. Papaya enzymes work to gently exfoliate dead cells while coconut deeply hydrates and softens the skin. This tropical, nourishing formulation works to smooth fine lines and wrinkles for a flawless, youthful, and radiant complexion.

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  33. Kiwi and Vitamin E Masque helper('astrabootstrapsettings')->getLabel($_product); ?>

    Kiwi and Vitamin E Masque


    Kiwi and Vitamin E Masque is perfectly blended to boost skin’s immunity against free radicals and environmental stressors. Packed with antioxidants and Vitamin E, Kiwi works to firm and revive tired, aged, and lackluster skin. Vitamin E works to block free radicals, warding off signs of aging. This skin-boosting masque provides the strength and protection needed for a healthy and radiant glow.

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  34. Lemon and Vitamin B Masque helper('astrabootstrapsettings')->getLabel($_product); ?>

    Lemon and Vitamin B Masque


    Lemon and Vitamin B Masque is a rich citrus-blend that works to clears pores, brighten complexion, and nourish the skin with antioxidants. Vitamin B is known for softening and hydrating while simultaneously smoothing out fine lines and wrinkles. This burst of antioxidants will leave skin balanced, bright and silky smooth.

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  35. Broccoli Peeling Masque helper('astrabootstrapsettings')->getLabel($_product); ?>

    Broccoli Peeling Masque


    Broccoli Peeling Masque is rich with antioxidants as Broccoli deeply nourishes the skin with high concentration of Vitamins C and E. Combined with Spirulina, this masque works to rid skin of toxins and combat free radicals. This luxurious masque feeds your skin with the essential nutrients needed for a healthy and vibrant look.

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  36. Herbal Clay Masque helper('astrabootstrapsettings')->getLabel($_product); ?>

    Herbal Clay Masque


    Herbal Clay Masque is infused with Chamomile and Cucumber extracts to help hydrate and relax the skin, while maintaining skin's natural moisture. This masque is enriched with nutrients that give the skin its supple and fresh feel and appearance.

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  37. Cooling Sulfur Clay Masque helper('astrabootstrapsettings')->getLabel($_product); ?>

    Cooling Sulfur Clay Masque


    Cooling Sulfur Clay Masque targets oily and troublesome skin. Sulfur, a natural mineral, helps dry blemishes and cleanses the pores by exfoliating. Enriched with Squalane and Tea Tree Leaf Extract, this masque helps balance and hydrate the skin. Eucalyptus and Menthol aromatically provide an invigorating cool feel.

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  38. Collagen Boosting Masque helper('astrabootstrapsettings')->getLabel($_product); ?>

    Collagen Boosting Masque


    Collagen Boosting Masque is a nourishing facial boost. Enriched with the great skin benefits of certified organic extracts, and Vitamins A, C, and E this masque helps to hydrate the skin for a supple, firm, and smooth appearance.

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  39. Magic Mud Clay Masque helper('astrabootstrapsettings')->getLabel($_product); ?>

    Magic Mud Clay Masque


    Magic Mud Clay Masque purifies the skin through the treasured minerals of the Dead Sea mud, helping clear the skin of imperfections. The addition of Chamomile Extract work with these essential minerals to give skin a healthy and radiant glow.

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  40. AHA Fruit Clay Masque helper('astrabootstrapsettings')->getLabel($_product); ?>

    AHA Fruit Clay Masque


    AHA Fruit Clay Masque helps relax the skin while lightly exfoliate the skin. Enriched with vitamins and certified organic extracts, this masque helps to restore skin's natural glow, and provides skin with a supple and refreshed appearance.

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  41. C+ Vitamin Clay Masque helper('astrabootstrapsettings')->getLabel($_product); ?>

    C+ Vitamin Clay Masque


    C+ Vitamin Clay Masque is the ultimate answer for dull, dehydrated, and lackluster skin. This masque is infused with Vitamins A, C, and E to help promote moisture and provide a supple and firm appearance. The deep penetration of nutrients and antioxidant ingredients helps skin look and feel younger and refreshed.

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  42. Sea Algae Masque helper('astrabootstrapsettings')->getLabel($_product); ?>

    Sea Algae Masque


    Sea Algae Masque contains essential nutrients and minerals found deep beneath the ocean's surface. Fortified with vitamins and organic extracts, this masque cleanses and removes impurities while promoting hydration and balancing the skin. pH balanced.

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  43. Enzyme Soft Clay Masque helper('astrabootstrapsettings')->getLabel($_product); ?>

    Enzyme Soft Clay Masque


    Enzyme Soft Clay Masque is rich with natural catalysts. Potent Papaya Enzymes help to exfoliate dead and damaged skin cells, while revealing a healthy, new layer of smooth skin. Infused with Pineapple, Carrot Root, and Parsley Extract, skin will have a healthy and radiant appearance. PH balanced.

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  44. Active Cleanser (Oily Skin) helper('astrabootstrapsettings')->getLabel($_product); ?>

    Active Cleanser (Oily Skin)


    Active Cleanser helps treat combination-to-oily skin by washing away impurities and excess oil for a deep, thorough cleanse. Balanced, hydrated, and smooth skin will be revealed.

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  45. Hydrating Cleanser (Dry Skin) helper('astrabootstrapsettings')->getLabel($_product); ?>

    Hydrating Cleanser (Dry Skin)


    Hydrating Cleanser keeps dry and dehydrated skin moist while effectively cleansing and ridding the skin of impurities.

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  46. Gentle Cleanser (Sensitive Skin) helper('astrabootstrapsettings')->getLabel($_product); ?>

    Gentle Cleanser (Sensitive Skin)


    Gentle Cleanser works to soothe and purify sensitive and irritated skin. Infused with Certified Organic Cucumber and Chamomile Extract to calm and hydrate; this gentle formulation promotes skin resiliency and suppleness, while clearing skin of impurities. Helps maintain moisture and balanced pH for a soft and soothed feel.

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  47. Glyco Milk Cleanser helper('astrabootstrapsettings')->getLabel($_product); ?>

    Glyco Milk Cleanser


    Glyco Milk Cleanser provides a deep cleanse, as it washes away makeup residue and impurities. Infused with antioxidants such as Vitamin E & C, this formulation promotes photoprotection and fights against free radical damage. Certified Organic Bark Extract helps prevent breakouts, while gently exfoliating dead skin cells. Skin will feel and look healthy and rejuvenated.

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  48. AHA Fruit Cleanser helper('astrabootstrapsettings')->getLabel($_product); ?>

    AHA Fruit Cleanser


    AHA Fruit Cleanser helps treat sensitive skin as well as skin with broken capillaries and sun damage. Alpha Hydroxy Acid promotes cell renewal and detoxification, while thoroughly cleansing and exfoliating the skin. Lactic Acid and Certified Organic Fruit Extracts work to prevent breakouts, reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, and maintain skin's youthful elasticity. Use daily for a rejuvenated, soft, and balanced complexion.

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  49. Sea Algae Cleanser helper('astrabootstrapsettings')->getLabel($_product); ?>

    Sea Algae Cleanser


    Sea-Algae Cleanser is formulated to treat prematurely aging & fair skin. The rich minerals help tone, nourish, soothe & balance the skin while completing the cleansing process.

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  50. Aroma Cleanser helper('astrabootstrapsettings')->getLabel($_product); ?>

    Aroma Cleanser


    Aroma Cleanser is a beautiful blend of plant extracts, essential oils, and proteins for maximum cleansing, nourishing and pH balancing. Great for Dry and Mature skin.

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  51. Aloe Vera Cleanser helper('astrabootstrapsettings')->getLabel($_product); ?>

    Aloe Vera Cleanser


    Aloe Vera Cleanser gently, yet thoroughly, cleanses the skin, while calming and moisturizing. Aloe Vera helps fight bacteria, clear blemishes, and combat signs of aging.

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  52. Dead Sea Charcoal Coconut Facial Masque helper('astrabootstrapsettings')->getLabel($_product); ?>

    Dead Sea Charcoal Coconut Facial Masque


    Charcoal Coconut Facial Masque is a luxurious and dynamic formulation that works to purify and hydrate the skin. As charcoal works to refine pores and draw out impurities, coconut aids in locking in moisture and softening the skin. This nourishing mask helps to smooth out fine lines and wrinkles for a healthy, revived complexion.

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  53. Men's Under Eye Cream helper('astrabootstrapsettings')->getLabel($_product); ?>

    Men's Under Eye Cream


    Men's Under Eye Cream soothes tired eyes and eliminates dark under-eye circles and premature aging by promoting the skin's natural moisture and smoothing fine lines. Eyes appear brighter and more alive.

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  54. Pro Stem Serum helper('astrabootstrapsettings')->getLabel($_product); ?>

    Pro Stem Serum


    Pro Stem Cells Serum is an advanced formulation that utilizes the power of Apple Stem Cells to repair skin from environmental and UV damage. Breathe life into your skin as Apple Stem Cells and Squalane work together to promote cell production, enhancing skin's appearance and longevity. Pro Stem Serum revolutionizes skin repair, leaving you with younger-looking skin by reducing the key signs of aging.

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  55. Retinol Serum helper('astrabootstrapsettings')->getLabel($_product); ?>

    Retinol Serum


    Retinol Serum is formulated to help improve the appearance of uneven skin tone, fine lines, and deep wrinkles. Fortified with Squalane to help combat early signs of aging.

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  56. Derma Fix Hyaluronic Acid Serum helper('astrabootstrapsettings')->getLabel($_product); ?>

    Derma Fix Hyaluronic Acid Serum


    Hyaluronic Acid Serum is a weightless formulation, rich with antioxidants and anti-aging ingredients to revive tired, damaged, and aged skin. Hydrolyzed Elastin and Hyaluronic Acid combine to form a strong defense against free-radical and environmentally induced skin damage. Fortified with vitamins and Certified Organic Extracts, this serum works to reduce inflammation, restore natural moisture, and diminish fine lines and wrinkles for firmer looking skin.

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  57. Kale - Vitamin K Lifting Masque helper('astrabootstrapsettings')->getLabel($_product); ?>

    Kale - Vitamin K Lifting Masque


    Super-charge your skin with this super-food-infused Kale - Vitamin K Lifting Masque. Packed with antioxidants, vitamins, and phytonutrients, this masque exfoliates, detoxifies, and nourishes the skin. Gentle enough for sensitive skin, the rejuvenating formulation helps combat free-radicals, puffiness, and sagging skin for your most vibrant look.

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  58. C+ Nutrient Cream helper('astrabootstrapsettings')->getLabel($_product); ?>

    C+ Nutrient Cream


    C+ Nutrient is an effective anti-aging treatment that penetrates beyond the top layer of skin. Rich with antioxidants, Vitamin C, and Dead Sea Minerals, the ingredients work together to stimulate collagen synthesis and promote skin elasticity.

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  59. Gentle Moisturizer (Sensitive Skin) Cream helper('astrabootstrapsettings')->getLabel($_product); ?>

    Gentle Moisturizer (Sensitive Skin) Cream


    Gentle Moisturizer works to soothe sensitive and irritated skin, utilizing the healing properties of Apple Fruit and Chamomile Extract. Restores and maximizes natural skin moisture while balancing skin pH.

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  60. Active Moisturizer Cream (Oily to Problem) helper('astrabootstrapsettings')->getLabel($_product); ?>

    Active Moisturizer Cream (Oily to Problem)


    Active Moisturizer is formulated to treat oily to problematic skin. It is a lightweight and quick-absorbing emulsion with natural hydro-balancing ingredients to give skin a hydrated and radiant look all day long.

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  61. Hydrating Moisturizer Cream (Dry) helper('astrabootstrapsettings')->getLabel($_product); ?>

    Hydrating Moisturizer Cream (Dry)


    Hydrating Moisturizer is formulated to help keep the skin feeling hydrated and comfortable all day long. Lightweight and quick-absorbing, this moisturizer is infused with Jojoba Seed, Aloe, and Vitamin C & E to keep skin feeling healthy and nourished.

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  62. Aroma Moisturizer Cream helper('astrabootstrapsettings')->getLabel($_product); ?>

    Aroma Moisturizer Cream


    Aroma Moisturizer is a unique gentle moisturizer that pampers skin with nourishing extracts and vitamins. Helps balance pH, rejuvenate and tone. Works extremely well on teenage problem skin.

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  63. Dead Sea Seaweed Clay Facial Masque helper('astrabootstrapsettings')->getLabel($_product); ?>

    Dead Sea Seaweed Clay Facial Masque


    Seaweed Clay Facial Masque packs a punch with rich vitamins and minerals derived from the Dead Sea. These nourishing minerals condition and hydrate the skin for a silky smooth feel. Enriched with seaweed to help clear pores, diminish puffiness, and soften the skin, this indulgent masque will leave skin feeling and looking vibrant and healthy.

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  64. Volcanic Mud Masque helper('astrabootstrapsettings')->getLabel($_product); ?>

    Volcanic Mud Masque


    Volcanic Mud is a unique formula designed to regenerate your skin with powerful exfoliants and with essential minerals, vitamins and botanical extracts that maximize skin nourishment while giving your skin the natural moisture it needs.

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  65. Rose Micellar Water helper('astrabootstrapsettings')->getLabel($_product); ?>

    Rose Micellar Water


    Rose Micellar water gently, yet effectively removes make-up, oil, and impurities while infusing skin with antioxidants. This purifying and refreshing formulation helps ensure that skin is thoroughly cleansed and pH balanced. Rose flower water provides moisturizing, relaxing, and toning properties to the skin while Certified Organic extracts and Vitamin C work to maximize skin nourishment. Skin will feel cleansed and rejuvenated with Rose Micellar Water.

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  66. Hazel Micellar Water helper('astrabootstrapsettings')->getLabel($_product); ?>

    Witch Hazel Micellar Water


    Witch Hazel Micellar water gently, yet effectively removes make-up, oil, and impurities while infusing skin with antioxidants. This soothing formulation helps ensure that skin is thoroughly cleansed, calm, and pH balanced. Witch Hazel is known to calm the skin while providing anti-aging and anti-inflammatory benefits. Witch Hazel Micellar Water works to relax and hydrate the skin while Certified Organic extracts and Vitamin C help maximize skin nourishment. Skin will feel cleansed and rejuvenated with Witch Hazel Micellar Water.

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  67. Primrose Intensive (Evening Primrose) Cream helper('astrabootstrapsettings')->getLabel($_product); ?>

    Primrose Intensive (Evening Primrose) Cream


    Primrose Intensive helps to increase firmness, elasticity, and tone facial contours. Supplies the skin with essential amino acids while promoting the skin's natural moisture - pH balanced.

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  68. Rosehips Intensive (Rosa Mosqueta) Cream helper('astrabootstrapsettings')->getLabel($_product); ?>

    Rosehips Intensive (Rosa Mosqueta) Cream


    Rosehips Intensive works to soothe dry surface lines with essential amino acids. Hydrates and restores dull and dry skin for a youthful glow.

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  69. Colleyelastin Complex Cream helper('astrabootstrapsettings')->getLabel($_product); ?>

    Colleyelastin Complex Cream


    Colleyelastin Complex is especially beneficial for dry and aging skin. Its unique formulation helps maintain natural amino acids and skin elasticity, while moisturizing and balancing the skin. Apple Stem Cell, Rosemary, and Apricot Extract nourish the skin and prevent premature aging.

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  70. Natural SPF 30 Spray helper('astrabootstrapsettings')->getLabel($_product); ?>

    Natural SPF 30 Spray


    Natural Sunscreen SPF 30+ Spray is formulated with Jojoba Seed Oil, Shea Butter, and Safflower Seed Oil to naturally and effectively protect the skin from harmful sun rays. Free of harsh chemicals such as parabens, sulfates, and dyes, this milky spray offers broad spectrum protection and is gentle enough for daily use. Enriched with Squalane to promote skin health.

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  71. Natural SPF 50 Spray helper('astrabootstrapsettings')->getLabel($_product); ?>

    Natural SPF 50 Spray


    Natural Sunscreen SPF 50+ Spray is formulated with Rosemary Extract, Grape Seed Oil and Olive Oil to naturally and effectively protect the skin from harmful sun rays. Easily absorbing and free of harsh chemicals such as parabens, sulfates, and dyes, this milky spray offers broad spectrum protection and is gentle enough for daily use. Enriched with Squalane to promote skin health.

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  72. Rosehip Cleansing Oil helper('astrabootstrapsettings')->getLabel($_product); ?>

    Rosehip Cleansing Oil


    Rosehip Cleansing Oil is an intensive, yet gentle oil that removes makeup and residue from deep under the skin's surface. Formulated with Rosehip Oil, a natural source of antioxidants and vitamins, it thoroughly cleanses, hydrates, and soothes the skin. Vitamin E and Squalane reinforce Rosehip Oil's anti-aging properties and help reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. This powerful cleansing oil will rid your skin of impurities, leaving it clean, soft, and nourished.

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  73. Derma Fix Hyaluronic Acid Complex Serum helper('astrabootstrapsettings')->getLabel($_product); ?>

    Derma Fix Hyaluronic Acid Complex Serum


    Hyaluronic Acid Complex Serum deeply hydrates and plumps the skin to help diminish fine lines and wrinkles. Daily use will promote firm and supple skin. Rich with the antioxidants and Vitamin C, this formula leaves skin looking smooth, healthy, and rejuvenated.

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  74. Derma Fix Repair Eye Complex Serum helper('astrabootstrapsettings')->getLabel($_product); ?>

    Derma Fix Repair Eye Complex Serum


    Repair Eye Complex Serum is a powerful and effective eye treatment that helps brighten dark circles, minimize wrinkles, and lift sagging skin. Daily use helps reduce puffiness and hydrate the eye area for a fresh feel and a bright, supple look.

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  75. Derma Fix Vitamin C Complex Serum helper('astrabootstrapsettings')->getLabel($_product); ?>

    Derma Fix Vitamin C Complex Serum


    Vitamin C Complex Serum combines the highest quality Vitamin C and Hyaluronic Acid to create this pure, potent antioxidant serum. Gently blankets the skin with nutrients, while working deep below the surface to help restore collagen production. Promotes natural moisture to plump the skin and minimize the look of fine lines and wrinkles.

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  76. 24K Gold Radiant Masque, Powder helper('astrabootstrapsettings')->getLabel($_product); ?>
  77. Hydrating Berry Masque, Powder helper('astrabootstrapsettings')->getLabel($_product); ?>
  78. Pomegranate Masque, Powder helper('astrabootstrapsettings')->getLabel($_product); ?>
  79. Thermal Warming Body Masque, Powder helper('astrabootstrapsettings')->getLabel($_product); ?>
  80. Green Tea Cucumber Masque helper('astrabootstrapsettings')->getLabel($_product); ?>

    Green Tea Cucumber Masque


    Green Tea Cucumber Masque delivers a cooling sensation to revitalize tired, stressed skin. A soothing blend of Cucumber and Green Tea delivers essential nutrients to help reduce puffiness, redness, and irritation. Green Tea works to regulate oil production and suppress acne-causing bacteria for a more clear complexion. Give your skin a healthy boost of vitamins for a soft and supple feel.

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  81. 24 K Gold Lifting Masque helper('astrabootstrapsettings')->getLabel($_product); ?>

    24 K Gold Lifting Masque


    24K Gold Lifting Masque unlocks the rich anti oxidizing properties of 24K Gold, a nourishing mineral known to help stimulate cellular production while lifting and tightening the skin. Fortified with Apple and Coffee Extract, this luxurious masque helps to firm the skin, lighten sun spots, and protect from free radical damage. Enrich your skin with 24K Gold for a more radiant look.

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  82. Honey Pumpkin Masque helper('astrabootstrapsettings')->getLabel($_product); ?>

    Honey Pumpkin Masque


    Honey Pumpkin Masque combines Pumpkin Seed Extracts and soothing Honey to deliver essential nutrients and fruit stem cells into the skin. Tiny Pumpkin Enzymes penetrate deep below skin's surface to help reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Enriched with Certified Organic Fruit Extracts for a healthy, radiant glow.

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  83. Rose & Berries Masque helper('astrabootstrapsettings')->getLabel($_product); ?>

    Rose & Berries Masque


    Rose & Berries Masque forms a unique blend of Rose Cell Culture and Berry Extracts to protect skin cells from free radicals and environmental damage. Camu Camu Berry Fruit is rich with antioxidants and Vitamin C to brighten complexion and revitalize the skin. This masque is an anti-aging powerhouse that soothes the skin, helps to reduce the appearance of wrinkles, and promotes a more youthful, flawless complexion.

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  84. Blue Agave Masque helper('astrabootstrapsettings')->getLabel($_product); ?>

    Blue Agave Masque


    Blue Agave Masque is a nourishing formula that utilizes the antimicrobial properties of Blue Agave to promote clear skin. Hydrating and softening, this masque is infused with Apple Stem Cells and Vitamins C & E to tighten the skin and reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Skin begins to feel rejuvenated, hydrated, and healthy.

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  85. Coconut Facial Oil helper('astrabootstrapsettings')->getLabel($_product); ?>

    Coconut Facial Oil


    Pure coconut oil natural moisture. Helps keep skin smooth and hydrated. Breaks down makeup without overly drying skin. Like coconuts themselves, coconut oil is rich in essential fatty acids which help keep skin healthy and rejuvenated.

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  86. Sugar Lip Scrub helper('astrabootstrapsettings')->getLabel($_product); ?>

    Sugar Lip Scrub


    Keep lips deliciously smooth with Sugar Lip Scrub. Gently exfoliates dead skin while moisturizing and softening lips.

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  87. Instant Lip Plumper helper('astrabootstrapsettings')->getLabel($_product); ?>

    Instant Lip Plumper


    Instantly plump up those lips for a full, pouty, and luscious look. Hydrates, conditions, and softens while plumping. Pucker up!

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  88. Coconut Lip Balm helper('astrabootstrapsettings')->getLabel($_product); ?>

    Coconut Lip Balm


    Helps soothe cracked lips. Retains moisture, keeping lips soft.

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  89. Coconut Milk Facial Scrub helper('astrabootstrapsettings')->getLabel($_product); ?>

    Coconut Milk Facial Scrub


    This nutrient-rich coconut Milk scrub gently exfoliates dead cells while hydrating and softening skin. Packed with essential fatty-acids from coconut oil and coconut milk, this scrub locks in moisture, soothes irritation, and helps reverse signs of aging. Fortified with comfrey extract and neem extract to rid skin of inflammation for a tighter, more toned look.

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  90. Arabica Coffee Scrub helper('astrabootstrapsettings')->getLabel($_product); ?>

    Arabica Coffee Scrub


    Give your skin the rich and hydrating pick-me-up it needs with this stimulating coffee scrub. Known for its anti-inflammatory properties, Arabica Coffee Scrub works to slim, tone, smooth, and rejuvenate. This scrub is packed with fatty acids and antioxidants to help diminish the appearance of cellulite, improve circulation, and reveal a new, healthy layer of skin.

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  91. Arabica Coffee Masque helper('astrabootstrapsettings')->getLabel($_product); ?>

    Arabica Coffee Masque


    Coffee doesn't just belong in your cup. Wake your complexion up with this invigorating Arabica Coffee Masque. Its nourishing formulation helps reduce redness, inflammation, and puffy under eyes. Coffee seeds provide a gentle exfoliation, while infusing skin with antioxidants and essential nutrients. Give your skin a smooth, hydrated feel with an epic coffee glow.

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  92. Arabica Coffee Lip Scrub helper('astrabootstrapsettings')->getLabel($_product); ?>

    Arabica Coffee Lip Scrub


    Reveal smooth, soft, and luscious lips with this nutrient-rich lip scrub. Arabica Coffee Seeds get rid of dry, flaky skin and improve circulation for the perfect pout.

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  93. Redless Herbal Mist helper('astrabootstrapsettings')->getLabel($_product); ?>

    Redless Herbal Mist


    Redless Herbal Mist helps to sooth, calm and hydrate irritated skin.

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  94. Pure Rosehip Seed Oil helper('astrabootstrapsettings')->getLabel($_product); ?>

    Pure Rosehip Seed Oil


    Pure Rosehip Seed Oil is rich with essential fatty acids and antioxidants, which help minimize scars, help reduce wrinkles, hydrate skin, and promote a glowing, youthful complexion.

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  95. Sunscreen SPF 50 Cream helper('astrabootstrapsettings')->getLabel($_product); ?>
  96. Seborrhea Treatment Oil helper('astrabootstrapsettings')->getLabel($_product); ?>

    Seborrhea Treatment Oil


    Seborrheic Treatment Oil is a quick-absorbing formulation that delivers quick relief to red, itchy, and flaky skin caused by Seborrheic Dermatitis.

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  97. Men's Cooling Face Mist helper('astrabootstrapsettings')->getLabel($_product); ?>

    Men's Cooling Face Mist


    Men's Cooling Face Mist is the instant wake-up call your face needs in the morning to feel energized and look fantastic. Men's Cooling Face Mist works by balancing your skin's' natural moisture level so it feels refreshed and hydrated all day long. The sun, shaving and environmental toxins can work against your skin making it dry and causing premature aging. Fight back with skin care products which use nature' most enriching vitamins, botanicals and essential oils to create a scientifically advanced formula to nourish skin. Improve the touch, feel and appearance of your skin with Men's Cooling Face Mist.

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  98. C' Ester Serum helper('astrabootstrapsettings')->getLabel($_product); ?>

    C' Ester Serum


    C' Ester Serum is a Vitamin C infused serum that works to revive mature skin and helps reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Enriched with CO Lavender, CO Lemon, and CO Apple Extract to help achieve smoother, younger looking skin.

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  99. DMAE Cream helper('astrabootstrapsettings')->getLabel($_product); ?>

    DMAE Cream


    DMAE works to lift sagging skin and reverse signs of aging. Infused with Apple Fruit Stem Cell, Vitamin E, and CO Marigold, DMAE helps to promote cellular function, plump skin, and reduce the appearance of wrinkles.

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  100. Squalane Oil helper('astrabootstrapsettings')->getLabel($_product); ?>

    Squalane Oil


    Pure Squalane Oil is a nutrient-rich emollient that mimics the skin's natural moisture production. Lightweight, grease-free, and odorless, Squalane Oil works to hydrate, plump the skin, and restore vitality and radiance.

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  101. Multi-Use Repair Serum helper('astrabootstrapsettings')->getLabel($_product); ?>

    Multi-Use Repair Serum


    Multi-use Repair Serum works wonders to help revive the face, body, and hair to its healthiest and purest state. Alp Rose, Rosehip, and Rosemary Oils work together to support cellular function, regulate oil production, and promote skin elasticity. This lightweight serum delivers anti-aging, wrinkle-tightening, and blemish-clearing benefits to the skin, helping the face and body to look younger. Rich with vitamins and fatty acids, hair will feel and look smoother and healthier.

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  102. Rose and Camellia Facial Oil helper('astrabootstrapsettings')->getLabel($_product); ?>

    Rose and Camellia Facial Oil


    Restore skin with toning, moisturizing, and calming Rose Camellia oil. Rich in antioxidants, Rose Camelia revives dull, tired skin for a healthy and youthful look.

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  103. Blue Tansy Face Oil helper('astrabootstrapsettings')->getLabel($_product); ?>

    Blue Tansy Face Oil


    Rejuvenate skin with soothing, balancing, and hydrating Blue Tansy Facial Oil. Sweet smelling and soothing, skin will feel relaxed and rejuvenated.

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  104. Vitamin C Brightening Serum helper('astrabootstrapsettings')->getLabel($_product); ?>

    Vitamin C Brightening Serum


    Vitamin C Brightening Serum helps illuminate skin, reducing the appearance of discoloration, hyper-pigmentation, and sunspots. Enriched with Vitamin A & E and CO Chamomile and CO Apple Extracts, this lightweight serum brightens, fights signs of aging, and protects skin from environmental aggressors, to keep skin looking radiant and healthy.

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  105. Vitamin C Brightening Cream helper('astrabootstrapsettings')->getLabel($_product); ?>

    Vitamin C Brightening Cream


    Vitamin C Brightening Cream helps illuminate skin, reducing the appearance of discoloration, hyper-pigmentation, and sunspots. This Brightening Cream is infused with CO Cucumber Extract and Shea Butter for maximum soothing and hydration. Potent Vitamin C helps fight signs of aging and protects skin from free radical damage for a healthy and youthful look.

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  106. Rose Clay Masque helper('astrabootstrapsettings')->getLabel($_product); ?>

    Rose Clay Masque


    Rose Clay Masque gently whisks away dead cells, hydrates the skin, and helps diminish the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Rich in antioxidants and botanical extracts, Rose Clay helps lock in moisture and tone the skin for a soft and supple feel.

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  107. Turmeric Honey Clay Masque helper('astrabootstrapsettings')->getLabel($_product); ?>

    Turmeric Honey Clay Masque


    Turmeric Honey Clay Masque works to hydrate, soften, and brighten skin. Turmeric Root is known to help diminish redness and scarring while working against blemishes. Antioxidants from Honey moisturize and soften the skin and help boost complexion.

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