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    Probiotic Facial Mist


    Probiotic Facial Mist is a liquid boost of antioxidants and essential vitamins with each spray. Organic extracts and nourishing probiotics lock in moisture and calm the skin from daily stressors. Supercharge dry and thirsty skin with this hydrating and refreshing mist.

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    Probiotic Micellar Water


    Probiotic Micellar Water thoroughly cleanses the skin as tiny micelles remove dirt, makeup, and impurities. Enhanced with probiotics to lock in moisture and rejuvenate the skin, this nourishing formula leaves skin feeling clean and refreshed.

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    Probiotic Serum


    Probiotic Serum is the perfect cocktail for healthy-skin. Infused with advanced probiotic technology and organic extracts, this lightweight and nourishing serum boosts skin, locks in moisture, and helps combat environmental stress. Skin will feel soft, refreshed, and hydrated for a radiant glow.

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    Probiotic Moisturizing Cream


    Probiotic Moisturizing Cream draws upon the nourishing benefits of yogurt to hydrate and refresh the skin. Formulated with probiotic technology, this luxurious and lightweight cream works to help keep skin in healthy and youthful condition. Fuel skin with essential nutrients to diminish signs of environmental stressors on skin with Probiotic Moisturizing Cream.

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