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In-Stock and Bulk Product

I want to private label your in stock products. What programs do you offer?
We offer in stock products that are packaged in retail size, pre-printed packaging. There is an empty space on each jar, bottle, or tube for you to apply a label with your logo on the product. MOQ is 6 units per SKU. Contact a sales representative to view the list of products available.
I do not want to use your pre-printed packaging. What are my options?
We offer our stock products in 128 oz (1 gallon) jugs for you to purchase and fill your own retail size packaging. This enables you to fill your own packaging and fully label the packaging as you desire.
Can I order samples of an in stock product?
We offer full retail size samples at 30% off the retail size cost. Please let us know if you are interested in a sample order. Please complete our Sample Request form.

Private Labeling - SDS Library

I am interested in private labeling product(s) from Spa De Soleil’s Formula Library. What is the process and MOQ?
Spa De Soleil has developed hundreds of products over the years and these products are available for private labeling. The MOQ is 1,000 units per SKU. Send in your packaging and printed labels so we can fill the product and apply your labels for you. Please always be sure to check with us regarding filling-compatibility on your packaging and label print specifications before placing any packaging or labeling orders.
How can I sample a product from your Formula Library?
All samples of products are made per request in the lab. A sample fee of $25 per sku will be collected. The sample fee will be credited toward the first order of that particular SKU.
Can I customize one of your products from your Formula library?
Yes, you can customize fragrances of our pre-developed formulations to meet your needs. Cost differences will be discussed on a project basis. Any other customizations will go through our custom formulation services.
I am interested in private labeling quantities that are above 1,000 pieces per SKU. What will be my price?
Your sales representative will be able to send over a custom quote for your desired quantity.

Custom Formulation

I am interested in custom formulation, where do I start?
Fill out our New Customer Questionnaire and one of our project managers will contact you to further discuss your custom formulation needs. You may also contact us at
What is the lead-time on Custom Formulation?
Our team will work with you to ensure that your formula meets your expectations. Custom formulation may average 3 – 6 months, depending on the specifications and requirements of the project. This does not account for testing.
What is the lead-time on Custom Solutions Production?
Depending on the size of your order, custom production usually ranges from 6-8 weeks from the date of issued PO and receipt of deposit. If we are custom sourcing packaging for you, lead time is 90-120 days from receipt of PO and deposit.
What are the minimums for custom manufacturing?
Custom manufacturing minimums start at 5,000 units per SKU on units that are above 0.5 oz fill.
I have a formula that I would like to use for my branded line. Can you manufacture and fill it at your facility?
Yes. If you are able to provide a full formula with ingredients, percentages, phases, and procedure, as well as supplier sources we will be able to quote you for production.
I have a formula that I would like for you to further develop. Can you do this?
Yes, we are happy to help our customers take their existing formulas to the next level. We work with you under a Mutual Non-Disclosure Agreement to ensure that you feel safe sharing your formula with us.
Does my custom formulation have to go through any testing?
Yes, customized formulations (even if just fragrance is adjusted) need to go through testing. For cosmetic products, the two most basic tests are Preservative Efficacy Testing and Stability Testing. Please ask your sales representative for lead time and fees of each test. For OTC, SPF, and Baby products, additional testing and FDA registration is required. For any marketing claims or clinical claims you wish to make, additional testing is required.
How do I know if my product is considered OTC and needs to be registered with the FDA?
Products are considered OTC if they have an active ingredient and the product is making a claim. (Think Sunscreens, Acne, Lightening, or pan relief products). Here is an article that provides further information
I am interested in having my branded products registered under FDA. Can you help me with this process?
If your product falls under the cosmetic category, there is no need for FDA filing. If your product qualifies as OTC (Over The Counter), then FDA registration is required. We can assist you in this process. Please check with your project manager for more information.
I am concerned about regulatory compliance. Can you help me with this?
If you need regulatory services, Spa de Soleil’s expert team specializes in national and international laws and regulations for the beauty-care industry. Please contact your sales representative for regulatory fees.
I am interested in developing a USDA Certified Organic formula. Can you do this?
Yes. With a wide range of USDA Certified Organic products, we are equipped to develop CO products for you and guide you along the regulatory process. Please note you will need to register with a USDA certifier in order to claim that your product is organic. Contact your sales representative for more information about the process and cost of having Spa De Soleil apply and register your products with a certifier.
What are the different USDA Organic Claims I can make?
Please refer to this fact sheet for an in-depth explanation.
What are CCOF's Organic Labeling Guidelines?
Download/View CCOF Organic Labeling Guidelines


What are your shipping terms?
Our shipping terms are FOB – Sun Valley. Shipping is not included on any orders.
What are your payment terms?
For product orders, we require a 50% deposit upon receipt of your PO. Remaining payment is due upon completion. For R&D, regulatory work, and samples, 100% deposit is required upfront.

Other Services

What other custom services do you provide?
Custom Packaging Sourcing, Custom Printing, Custom Design, Custom Packaging. Please contact your sales representative for quotes and details.