Private Label Categories

Certified Organic

Spa De Soleil specializes in formulating certified organic personal care products. Our facility is USDA certified and our chemists are well versed in the chemistry behind creating products that are compliant with organic regulations without compromising their feel, efficacy, and luxurious experience.


We ensure that our products utilize nature's best ingredients to provide optimal nourishment to the skin. Spa De Soleil understands the importance of clean and natural formulations. We push the boundaries and explore new formulation methods and ingredients to create natural products without compromising on the efficacy or feel of the product.

OTC (Over the Counter)

Spa De Soleil formulates and manufactures Over The Counter products such as SPF, and products that address Lightening, Acne, Psoriasis, Eczema, Seborrea, and Rosacea. We carry products through the required FDA regulation to ensure that products are safe and complaint.


At its core foundation lies Spa De Soleil's quality skincare products. With a mission to help our clients thrive through our products, we stay on top of market trends and consistently develop our capabilities and formulating methods to offer innovative private label solutions.

Bath & Body

Our bath and body care capabilities include liquid hand soaps, bath salts and scrubs, body lotions, bath bombs, massage creams, body masks, and aromatherapy oils. Our bath and body category is ever expanding with innovative product concepts, trending ingredients, and clean sustainable packaging.

Baby Care

Drawing on the most gentle and natural ingredients, Spa De Soleil has developed and continues to create new safe and gentle baby products. These products include bath wash, baby shampoo, diaper rash cream, and baby eczema ointment, to name a few.


Spa De Soleil fuses quality skincare ingredients into our color cosmetics, creating lip balms, lip sticks, eye-lash boosting mascaras, smooth foundations, and BB creams that compliment and enhance the skin.

Hair Care

Our haircare works to reveal strong, healthy, and shiny hair with products that are void of Sulfates, Parabens, Dyes, Mineral-Oils, and harsh chemicals. Spa De Soleil offers both men and women's shampoo and conditioner, hair oil, hair masks, gels, pomades, dry hair shampoo, and more.

Pet Care

Our all-natural pet care products are specially designed to tend to pets with the most gentle of formulations, offering 2-in-1 shampoos, odor and stain removers, and products that address flea and ticks.

Hemp & CBD

Spa De Soleil formulates and manufactures personal care products that focus on the potent healing benefits of cannabinoids and hemp. We have extensive experience in creating skincare, body care, and pet products with CBD in liquid and hot pour form.


In the home or on the go our antibacterial wipes are packaged in easy dispensing HPDE canisters or flow wrapped bags with re-closable lids. As a leading innovator in the beauty industry with cutting edge technology we are also able to manufacture makeup remover and facial wipes in flow wrapped bags with re-closable lids.

Household Cleaning

Our in-house chemists have the ability to create a variety of formulations for every clients needs. We can be as environmentally conscious as needed while still producing effective cleaning solutions. Our products range from all purpose cleaners to glass cleaners to toilet bowl cleaners.