Custom Solutions

Spa De Soleil custom services take your vision from concept to completion.

The Spa Soleil lab offers turn key solutions that will take your personal care brand from concept to completion. From formulating your product, to sourcing your packaging, designing your label, and guiding you through testing and regulatory processes, Spa De Soleil takes care of every aspect of your brand's developmental process.

Custom Formulation & Research and Development

Spa De Soleil specializes in custom formulation for conventional, natural, certified organic, and OTC personal care products. Our chemists conduct extensive research to create a formula that is reflective of your vision.

Packaging Sourcing & Custom Printing

With thirty years of industry knowledge, Spa De Soleil can source customized packaging that is unique to your brand. Let us handle your printing as well, whether it be applied labels, foiling, hot stamping, or silk screen printing.

Custom Design

Our graphics services offer the creation of a complete label design for each of your products. Our skilled design team will take your concept and direction to fully develop your packaging decor.

Regulatory & Testing

Our regulatory services include product testing, natural and organic certification, FDA registration, and international compliance.

Custom Services

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